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Subretinal neovascularisation in eyes with localised inferior posterior staphylomas.
  1. S Tsuboi,
  2. Y Uchihori and
  3. R Manabe


    We report seven cases of subretinal neovascularisation with inferior posterior staphyloma. The upper border of the shallow staphyloma, detected by B-mode echography, invaded the macular area, and there was a neovascular net at the edge of the staphyloma. Three of the cases showed chorioretinal atrophy at the upper edge of the staphyloma in the same location as the neovascular net. Our cases were identical to those of subretinal neovascularisation in high myopic eyes in which the rupture of Bruch's membrane was related to the deformity of the scleral shell. As our cases included not-high-myopic eyes, the results suggest that the identical mechanism might be involved in the occurrence of neovascular maculopathy in the pathological high myopic eye and in the not-high-myopic eye with posterior staphyloma. Localised inferior posterior staphyloma may be an important cause of 'idiopathic' subretinal neovascularisation.

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