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Long-term follow-up of intraocular lens implants: the first 127 compared with the latest 100 of the same style in a span of 9 years.
  1. M. Noble,
  2. H. Cheng,
  3. P. Jacobs,
  4. J. Salmon and
  5. K. McPherson


    The long-term follow up of the first 127 patients (127 eyes) treated by one surgeon with cataract extraction and Federov I lens implantation is reported. The proportion of patients achieving visual acuity of 6/12 or better had decreased since the one year follow-up. Corneal oedema was the most serious long-term complication. This group of patients is compared with the latest 100 patients (100 eyes) operated on by the same surgeon using the same type of implant. There was a reduction of some operative complications, and improvement in surgical techniques had resulted in a lower sample endothelial cell loss at one month.

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