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Vitrectomy and fluid/silicone-oil exchange for giant retinal tears: results at six months.
  1. P. K. Leaver,
  2. R. J. Cooling,
  3. E. B. Feretis,
  4. J. S. Lean and
  5. D. McLeod


    The results of vitrectomy combined with fluid/silicone-oil exchange in 73 eyes with giant retinal tears are reported at six months after surgery. Initial anatomical success was achieved in 71 out of 73 eyes (97%) and, prior to removal of silicone-oil, in 66 out of 73 eyes (90%). In 63 eyes (86%) the retina remained attached six months after surgery. Of these visual acuity was 6/60 or better in 44 (70%). The high proportion of eyes with macular detachment before surgery and the frequency of macular abnormalities are thought to account for reduced vision in many of the anatomically successful cases.

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