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Vitreous fluorophotometry in patients with cone-rod dystrophy.
  1. Y Miyake,
  2. S Goto,
  3. I Ota and
  4. H Ichikawa


    Eight patients with cone-rod dystrophy were examined by means of vitreous fluorophotometry. The data in three patients with an early stage of retinitis pigmentosa (rod-cone dystrophy) served for comparison. In contrast with the abnormal findings on vitreous fluorophotometry in patients with an early stage of retinitis pigmentosa the value of vitreous fluorophotometry in cone-rod dystrophy was within the normal range in all patients except the two with advanced stages of this disease. Our results suggest that, although both diseases are based on diffuse dystrophy of photoreceptors, and the final stages of the two diseases may show several similar features, the process of breakdown of the blood retinal barrier differs greatly in the two diseases.

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