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Bilateral nodular sarcoid choroiditis with vitreous haemorrhage.
  1. L S Stone and
  2. M Ehrenberg


    A 21-year-old black man with presumed systemic sarcoidosis had bilateral choroidal nodules, unilateral retinal neovascularisation and vitreous haemorrhage, and non-caseating granulomas on percutaneous liver biopsy. The choroidal nodules were serially documented by fundus photography and fluorescein angiography over a 22-month period. Fluorescein angiography was more accurate than ophthalmoscopy in demonstrating choroidal inflammation. The choroidal nodules resolved after systemic corticosteroid therapy. A vitreous haemorrhage occurred probably secondary to neovascularisation related to occlusion of an inferotemporal branch vein. The non-resolving vitreous haemorrhage and associated traction retinal detachment were treated with vitrectomy and membrane sectioning.

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