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Acanthamoeba keratitis successfully treated medically.
  1. P Wright,
  2. D Warhurst and
  3. B R Jones


    The first medical cure of a corneal infection due to an Acanthamoeba species is reported. The 44-year-old patient developed a suppurative keratitis associated with an epithelial defect, hypopyon, and secondary glaucoma. Acanthamoeba was confirmed as the causative agent four months after presentation when positive cultures were obtained from the cornea and from the conjunctiva. Sensitivity studies of the isolated organism were performed, and the infection was successfully controlled by treatment with a combination of dibromopropamidine and propamidine isethionate ointment and drops and neomycin drops. Keratoplasty was performed 22 months after onset, and no viable acanthamoebae were present in the resected tissue, though possible cyst remnants were identified by immunofluorescent techniques.

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