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Unilateral eyelid, conjunctival, and choroidal tumours as initial presentation of diffuse large-cell lymphoma.
  1. S R Leff,
  2. J A Shields,
  3. J J Augsburger,
  4. R V Miller and
  5. B Liberatore


    Simultaneous ipsilateral eyelid, conjunctival, and choroidal tumours developed in an otherwise healthy man. Biopsy of the eyelid mass led to the diagnosis of large-cell lymphoma. Further examination revealed systemic lymphoma. Although the ocular and adnexal lesions responded to systemic chemotherapy, additional skin tumours later developed. Large-cell lymphoma (also called reticulum cell sarcoma and histiocytic lymphoma) is becoming increasingly recognised for its ophthalmic manifestations. The clinical signs, diagnostic investigations, and treatment of this disease are discussed.

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