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Trabeculectomy with iridencleisis.
  1. L A Gess,
  2. E Koeth and
  3. I Gralle


    An iridencleisis is added to the original trabeculectomy technique of Cairns as modified by Watson for the surgical treatment of glaucoma. The steps are described with special reference to the fashioning of the iridencleisis as an iris tongue lying curled upon itself with the pigmented layer lining the inner aspect of the iris resting between the scleral flaps. Two series of patients from Africa and one series from the USA show postoperative intraocular tensions of 24 mmHg or less in 90% to 98% of patients. The Caucasian series from the USA had 94% with pressures of 21 mmHg or less. At least 90% in all three series were controlled without continued glaucoma medication.

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