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Corneal ulceration at an urban African hospital.
  1. T R Carmichael,
  2. M Wolpert and
  3. H J Koornhof


    During a one-year survey 283 corneal ulcers from 274 patients were seen at St John's Eye Unit of Baragwanath Hospital. Central bacterial ulcers constituted the largest problem, and the commonest isolate in this group was Streptococcus pneumoniae. Mycotic and dendritic keratitis were relatively uncommon, while marginal catarrhal ulceration secondary to chronic staphylococcal lid disease was frequently seen. The microbiology of the various ulcers is described, and the placing of organisms into classes is stressed in determining significance of isolates. Many of the patients were male Africans who were either manual labourers or unemployed. Half the patients had used topical antibiotics before presentation.

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