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Efficacy in anterior uveitis of two known steroids and topical tolmetin.
  1. J A Dunne,
  2. N Jacobs,
  3. A Morrison and
  4. D J Gilbert


    We have compared the anti-inflammatory efficacy of 5% tolmetin sodium dihydrate, 0.5% prednisolone disodium phosphate, and 0.1% betamethasone disodium phosphate in 71 consecutive patients presenting with acute endogenous non-granulomatous uveitis randomly assigned to one of these treatment groups. Inflammatory symptoms and signs were scored during the course of the 21-day trial period. There was no statistically significant difference in the effect on the signs or symptoms of the three drugs tested. 90% of the Betnesol (betamethasone sodium phosphate, benzalkonium chloride) treated group were clinically judged cured compared with 68% of the Predsol (prednisolone sodium phosphate, benzalkonium chloride) treated group, and 57% of the tolmetin treated group.

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