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Gas gangrene infection of the eyes and orbits.
  1. G W Crock,
  2. W J Heriot,
  3. P Janakiraman and
  4. J M Weiner


    The literature on Clostridium perfringens infections is reviewed up to 1983. An additional case is reported with bilateral clostridial infections of the eye and orbit. One eye followed the classical course of relentless panophthalmitis, amaurosis, and orbital cellulitis ending in enucleation. The second eye contained intracameral mud and gas bubbles that were removed by vitrectomy instrumentation. Subsequent removal of the toxic cataract resulted in a final aided visual acuity of 6/18, N8. This is the third report of a retained globe, and we believe the only known case where the patient was left with useful vision.

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