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Measurement of total IgE antibody levels in lacrimal fluid of patients suffering from atopic and non-atopic eye disorders. Evidence for local IgE production in atopic eye disorders?
  1. V Aalders-Deenstra,
  2. P T Kok and
  3. P L Bruynzeel


    Total IgE levels in lacrimal fluid of patients suffering from different eye disorders were quantitatively measured by a modification of the paper radio immuno sorbent test (PRIST). The geometric mean values for patients with atopic conjunctivitis, patients with keratoconjunctivitis vernalis, and patients with asthma without conjunctivitis differed significantly from those for control persons and those for patients without atopic conjunctivitis. Besides lacrimal fluid IgE levels, serum IgE levels as well as lacrimal fluid and serum albumin levels were measured. From these values the local IgE production was calculated. Although there seemed a good correlation between the level of lacrimal fluid IgE and the amount of local IgE production, the results suggest that local IgE production in lacrimal fluid is not restricted to patients with atopic eye disorders only.

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