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Hyaluronate increases intraocular pressure when used in cataract extraction.
  1. M S Passo,
  2. J T Ernest and
  3. T K Goldstick


    A prospective randomised study of 26 eyes (24 patients) following uncomplicated intracapsular cataract surgery was carried out with three groups in which different agents were used to re-form the anterior chamber: air, seven eyes; sodium hyaluronate, seven eyes; and a combination of hyaluronate plus systemic acetazolamide, 12 eyes. The intraocular pressure (IOP) was measured by Goldmann applanation tonometry 16 hours before surgery and every eight hours after surgery for 72 hours. The IOP doubled in the two hyaluronate-treated groups for the first day following cataract surgery. By contrast, the IOP in the group receiving air initially decreased slightly. Throughout the study the effect of using acetazolamide was never statistically significant. After the first day and a half the differences in IOP among the three treatment groups disappeared, and the pressures returned to their preoperative values.

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