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Minnesota system corneal preservation.
  1. R. L. Lindstrom,
  2. D. J. Doughman,
  3. D. L. Skelnik and
  4. E. A. Mindrup


    The clinical and laboratory results with a modified Minnesota system of organ culture corneal preservation are presented. A refinement of our preservation technique using a closed system, as well as the addition of chondroitin sulphate to the medium is presented. Laboratory results show preservation of corneal endothelial integrity for at least 21 days with maintenance of normal corneal thickness. In addition, a 10-day quarantine system reduces the risk of donor contamination and secondary endophthalmitis. Preliminary results of the 34 degrees C and 4 degrees C closed Minnesota corneal preservation system using chondroitin sulphate show that it is safe and efficacious and allows intermediate to long-term maintenance of sterile thin tissue prior to corneal transplantation.

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