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Double-blind controlled trial to compare anti-inflammatory effects of tolmetin 2%, prednisolone 0.5%, and placebo in post-cataract extraction eyes.
  1. D L Smerdon,
  2. S O Hung and
  3. T Akingbehin


    This paper compares the efficacy of tolmetin, prednisolone, and placebo (vehicle only) in controlling post-cataract extraction inflammation in a double-blind trial involving 120 patients. Seventeen patients were excluded from analysis. The results of the 103 patients analysed showed that 94% of the prednisolone treated group was judged to have been successfully treated as compared with 53% of the tolmetin treated group and 46% of the vehicle treated group. The differences between the prednisolone treated group and the other two groups were statistically significant (p less than 0.001). No statistical significance was found between the tolmetin and vehicle groups.

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