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Estimation of visual function after optic neuritis: a comparison of clinical tests.
  1. E. A. Sanders,
  2. A. C. Volkers,
  3. J. C. van der Poel and
  4. G. H. van Lith


    A group of 53 patients who had suffered an attack of unilateral (n = 45) or bilateral (n = 8) optic neuritis more than six months before were subjected to a battery of tests to determine their spatial contrast sensitivity, visual field, and colour vision. The 106 eyes investigated were classified according to their clinical status and visual acuity at the time of the study into unaffected (n = 45), recovered (n = 33), and non-recovered (n = 28). At least one of the three tests gave an abnormal result in 67%, 88%, 100% of the three groups respectively. The results obtained with these three tests showed a significant statistical association.

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