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Pressure compliance of the optic nerve head in low tension glaucoma.
  1. L E Pillunat,
  2. R Stodtmeister and
  3. I Wilmanns


    Twenty eyes of 10 healthy subjects, 11 eyes of seven patients with low tension glaucoma, and three eyes of three patients with ischaemic optic neuropathy were investigated. Visual evoked responses were recorded under stepwise artificially increased intraocular pressures. The results of the visual evoked response recording (pressure compliance test) allow a clear distinction to be made between healthy subjects, patients with low tension glaucoma, and patients with ischaemic optic neuropathy. In the groups investigated a lack of autoregulation of the optic nerve head circulation was found in patients with low tension glaucoma only. Patients with anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy showed the same pressure compliance behaviour as healthy subjects. The methods used here seem to provide a practicable clinical tool in the differential diagnosis of low tension glaucoma.

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