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Factors influencing visual outcome after cataract extraction among Arabs in Kuwait.
  1. M Al Salem and
  2. L Ismail


    Of 409 consecutive Arab patients in Kuwait who had extractions for idiopathic (senile and presenile) cataract 385 were followed up for a minimum period of one year. Among these the final visual outcome was 6/12 or better in 208 eyes (54%) but visual acuity was 6/18 or less in 177 eyes (46%). Of these 177 eyes 127 eyes (71.8%) had poor vision due to preoperative ocular disorders and 31 (17.5%) due to surgical complications. The main ocular conditions which limited visual recovery were the presence of corneal opacities, hypermaturity of cataract, advanced glaucoma, senile macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and postoperative retinal detachment in this order of frequency. The prevalence of these disorders in cataract patients among the Arab population was identified and is discussed.

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