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Histological study of corneas preserved in two new media.
  1. K Tamaki,
  2. T Yamaguchi,
  3. E D Varnell and
  4. H E Kaufman
  1. Lions Eye Research Laboratories, LSU Eye Center, Louisiana State University Medical Center School of Medicine, New Orleans 70112.


    A new corneal preserving medium (K-Sol), developed by Kaufman and others, contains purified chondroitin sulphate, TC 199, HEPES buffer, and gentamicin. Another new medium (JM) containing bicarbonate-free glucose-phosphate Ringer solution and dextran 70 has been developed in Japan. New Zealand white rabbit corneas with scleral rims were stored in each medium at 4 degrees C for one or two weeks. The condition of the endothelium was evaluated histologically. Corneas preserved in both media were in good condition at the end of one week. Corneas preserved in K-Sol for two weeks showed fewer endothelial changes than similar tissue stored in JM for two weeks. Corneal swelling was also less in corneas preserved in K-Sol, than in corneas preserved in JM.

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