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Visual function and pattern visual evoked response in optic neuritis.
  1. E A Sanders,
  2. A C Volkers,
  3. J C van der Poel and
  4. G H van Lith
  1. Department of Neurology, University Hospital Leiden, The Netherlands.


    The disparity between clinical visual function and pattern visual evoked response (VER) was studied in 53 patients who had suffered an attack of optic neuritis (ON) more than six months before. The visual functions tested included Snellen visual acuity, colour vision, visual field, and contrast sensitivity. The effect of pattern presentation, check size, and luminance was tested by recording VERs with several stimulus configurations. VER amplitudes were found to be associated with the outcome of all four clinical tests, independently of check size, luminance, or the presentation method used. On the other hand VER latencies were hardly ever related to the results of any of the four clinical visual tests. These findings support the idea that VER amplitude provides information about visual spatial perception, while VER latency is more related to the extent of demyelination.

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