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Marginal corneal abscess associated with adult chlamydial ophthalmia.
  1. S Darougar and
  2. N D Viswalingam
  1. Section of Virology, Institute of Ophthalmology, London.


    In four patients with an adult chlamydial ophthalmia small, marginal corneal abscesses were detected. These corneal abscesses were associated with unilateral papillary and follicular conjunctivitis and punctate keratitis. In these patients no bacteria was isolated from the abscesses, but Chlamydia trachomatis was isolated from materials collected from the abscesses and from the conjunctival swabbings. In addition all patients had microbiologically proved concomitant chlamydial genital infections. The clinical signs resolved after topical treatment with rifampicin or tetracycline eye ointment for six weeks or systemic treatment with tetracycline for two weeks. Because of concomitant chlamydial genital infection it is advisable to treat patients with adult chlamydial ophthalmia with systemic tetracycline and to refer these patients and their consorts for investigation and treatment of their genital infection.

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