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High incidence of corneal epithelium antibodies in Fuch's heterochromic cyclitis.
  1. E la Hey,
  2. G S Baarsma,
  3. A Rothova,
  4. L Broersma,
  5. R van der Gaag and
  6. A Kijlstra
  1. Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute, Amsterdam.


    Sera obtained from 26 patients with Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis were examined for the presence of autoantibodies directed against the anterior segment of the eye by means of immunofluorescence techniques. Antibodies against human iris tissue could not be detected, whereas autoantibodies against corneal epithelium were found in almost 90% of cases. This is the first report describing the presence of autoantibodies in patients with Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis and it provides a further clue that immunological mechanisms might play an important role in the aetiology of Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis.

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