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Immunological analysis of the aqueous humour in candida endophthalmitis. I: Experimental study.
  1. F. Malecaze,
  2. M. H. Bessieres,
  3. P. Bec,
  4. S. Fleutiaux,
  5. A. Mathis and
  6. J. P. Seguela
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, CHU Rangueil Toulouse, France.


    An immunological study of aqueous humour and serum was carried out in experimental ocular candidosis in rabbits. Anti-candida antibody titres, immunoglobulin G, and albumin levels were evaluated in the aqueous humour and in the serum. A local synthesis of anti-candida antibodies was detected in numerous rabbits at the height of clinical activity of the lesions.

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