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Control of astigmatism in cataract surgery.
  1. N A Brown and
  2. J M Sparrow
  1. Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology, Oxford.


    A study is reported on cataract surgery, with intraocular lens implant, with measurement of the preoperative astigmatism and of the postoperative astigmatism over 28 weeks. Nine interrupted 10/0 nylon sutures are used to close a limbal section. Preoperative astigmatism is compensated for in the method of suturing by the placement of additional sutures. Postoperatively sutures are cut in line with the plus cylinder axis in eyes showing excessive astigmatism with the rule. Final postoperative astigmatism is controlled within 2.25 D cyl. 68% of cases lie within 1.0 D cyl with the rule to 1.0 D cyl against the rule. The average case in which sutures are not cut is one having 1.51 D cyl with the rule at one week postoperatively, declining to zero at approximately 12 weeks, and having a final value of 0.17 D cyl against the rule. No significant change in cylinder is seen after 10 weeks. The final postoperative astigmatism is only weakly correlated with the preoperative astigmatism, showing that the surgical method is effective. The spherical equivalent error is shown to shift in the direction of myopia in the postoperative period.

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