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Efficacy and safety of apraclonidine in patients undergoing anterior segment laser surgery.
  1. B Sridharrao and
  2. S S Badrinath
  1. Vision Research Foundation, Madras, India.


    The efficacy of 1.0% apraclonidine (para-aminoclonidine) in preventing the rise of intraocular pressure following anterior segment, laser surgery was evaluated in a randomised double-masked study. Ninety-nine consecutive patients requiring laser treatment of the anterior segment were included in the study. They were randomised into two groups, one receiving 1.0% para-aminoclonidine and the other placebo (vehicle of para-aminoclonidine). The drug caused a statistically significant reduction in pressure after the laser treatment without causing clinically significant side effects such as bradycardia or hypotension.

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