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Blind and partial sight registration in Avon.
  1. R H Grey,
  2. C J Burns-Cox and
  3. A Hughes
  1. Bristol Eye Hospital.


    All blind and partially sighted registration forms for the county of Avon for a two-year period were analysed, and the findings are presented. Comparisons with the national figure published by Sorsby over 20 years ago show there has been no marked change in the rates of blind registration per 100,000 population with the exception of those for cataract, which show a large reduction. Diabetic registrations have remained similar, but this may represent an encouraging trend in view of the significant increase in the size of the diabetic population. Glaucoma may show some improvement in the future when time has elapsed for beta blockers and trabeculoplasty to be fully assessed. There has been an increase in the rate of registration from aging macular degeneration.

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