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Simultaneous spontaneous and primary surgical repair of eyelids.
  1. H K Mehta
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, Gwynedd District Hospital, Bangor, Wales.


    Fifteen patients with suspected malignant lesions of the lower eyelids or inner canthal region, needing large excisions, were managed as day cases with spontaneous repair and simultaneous subtotal primary surgical reconstruction under local anaesthesia. For lesions confined to the lower eyelid, only those patients requiring full-thickness margin-inclusive (FTMI) excisions of more than half the horizontal extent of the eyelid are included in this study-the largest excision being 21 x 6 mm. For malignant lesions of the inner canthus, only those patients needing moderate to large excision of inner canthal skin and orbicularis with simultaneous FTMI excision of the medial one-third (8 x 5 mm) of the upper as well as the lower eyelid are included. The 16th patient had traumatic loss of inner canthal tissue. The final cosmetic and functional results in all 16 patients were satisfactory and comparable with the results of competent and in-toto primary surgical reconstructions. For large excisions at the inner canthus spontaneous with partial primary surgical repair allows the use of a less extensive and less elaborate surgical procedure that is within the capabilities of most ophthalmic surgeons.

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