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Retinal sensitivity in hereditary retinal degeneration in Abyssinian cats: electrophysiological similarities between man and cat.
  1. K Narfström,
  2. G B Arden and
  3. S E Nilsson
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, Linköping, University, Sweden.


    The functional and electrophysiological similarities in the changes in the electroretinogram (ERG) of man and cat affected by hereditary retinal degenerative disease were studied. The results of a series of log intensity-amplitude studies in a group of young affected Abyssinian cats were fitted to the Naka-Rushton relationship by means of a mathematical package on the University of London mainframe. The analysis showed that the amplitude of the maximum dark-adapted b-wave was significantly reduced by the end of the period studied but that the value of k, a variable inversely equivalent to retinal sensitivity, was only slightly reduced by the retinal degenerative process. The electrophysiological findings thus are similar to those found in cases of human diffuse dominantly inherited retinitis pigmentosa.

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