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Histopathological evaluation of rotation sutures for involutional entropion.
  1. S R Seiff,
  2. M Kim and
  3. E L Howes, Jr
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, University of California Medical Center, San Francisco 94143.


    Rotation sutures are a popular method of temporarily correcting involutional entropion. The permanence of the procedure depends on a fibrotic scar along the suture tracks. Sutures which create generous scars would probably produce the most satisfactory results. In this study 4-0 chromic gut, nylon, and silk sutures were evaluated in rabbit lower eyelids for their ability to create histologically demonstrable fibrous tracks. All three sutures incited inflammatory cells and fibroblastic activity with collagen formation at two and four weeks. Residual scar tracks were observed at six weeks (two weeks after suture removal) also. Human specimens showed similar types of scar formation from the sutures. It was apparent that all three sutures create fibrotic scars along their tracks sufficient to correct, at least temporarily, involutional entropion.

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