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Local extraocular extension of retinoblastoma following intraocular surgery.
  1. K E Stevenson,
  2. J Hungerford and
  3. A Garner
  1. Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.


    Three cases of local extraocular extension of retinoblastoma following intraocular surgery via a transscleral approach have been seen in one centre during a 12-month period. This number represents a significant increase on the previous incidence of this serious complication, which may be related to more widespread use of vitrectomy techniques. Orbital and local lymph node recurrence of retinoblastoma have been associated with a very poor survival rate in the past, and steps must be taken to limit the chance of this happening should an intraocular surgical procedure be performed inadvertently on an eye containing a retinoblastoma. Early enucleation without implant is advised, and adjuvant orbital radiotherapy is strongly recommended, even when there is no histopathological evidence of local extraocular tumour spread.

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