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Photic sneeze reflex in nephropathic cystinosis.
  1. B Katz,
  2. R B Melles,
  3. M R Swenson and
  4. J A Schneider
  1. Pacific Presbyterian Medical Center, San Francisco, CA 94115.


    Photic induced sneeze is a reflex that occurs in certain individuals after exposure to bright light. Cystinosis is an autosomal recessive inborn error of metabolism in which nonprotein cystine accumulates within lysosomes. The pathognomonic ocular manifestation of cystinosis is corneal crystal deposition. We observed photic induced sneezes during ophthalmoscopic examination in five of 19 patients with nephropathic cystinosis (26%). We report on this observation and discuss possible pathophysiological mechanisms for photic induced sneezing in cystinosis.

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