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Cataract extraction without retrobulbar anaesthetic injection.
  1. R Smith
  1. Western Ophthalmic Hospital, London.


    Extracapsular cataract extraction with lens implant under local anaesthesia consisting of amethocaine drops followed by a simple subconjunctival injection in the upper part of the globe but without a retrobulbar injection was carried out in 175 eyes of 165 patients. The purpose of the study was to establish the feasibility of this type of anaesthesia in cataract surgery with the principal object of avoiding the possibility of retrobulbar haemorrhage and the other, rarer, complications of retrobulbar injection. The method, which is referred to as the NR method, proved to be satisfactory. No undue difficulties were encountered as a result of using the technique, the visual results were satisfactory and compared favourably with those under general anaesthesia, and the patients accepted the method well, possibly preferring it to conventional methods.

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