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Immunogold localisation of laminin in normal and exfoliative iris.
  1. A. G. Konstas,
  2. G. E. Marshall and
  3. W. R. Lee
  1. Western Infirmary, Department of Ophthalmology, University of Glasgow.


    Immunoelectron microscopic studies of exfoliative iris tissue (seven specimens) revealed the presence of laminin in the fibrillar component of exfoliation material. The immunogold label was uniformly distributed on the exfoliation fibres. Deposition of laminin labelled exfoliation material in the dilator muscle was a noteworthy feature, as was an apparent depletion of laminin in the basement membranes of ostensibly unaffected vessels. In control iris tissue (five enucleated eyes) laminin was identified in the basement membrane round vascular contractile cells, but not beneath the endothelium.

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