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Clinical evaluation of automated refraction in anterior chamber pseudophakia.
  1. P Sunder Raj,
  2. J R Villada,
  3. K Myint,
  4. A E Lewis and
  5. T Akingbehin
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, District General Hospital, Southport.


    Automated refraction with the Canon RK-1 Autoref keratometer was evaluated in 85 eyes of 85 patients with an anterior chamber intraocular lens implant and a best corrected visual acuity of at least 6/12. Autorefraction readings were obtained in 80 (94%) of these eyes. The agreement between autorefraction and clinical refraction data was 89% for spherical equivalence less than 0.51 dioptres (D), 91% for sphere power less than 0.51 D, 82% for cylinder power less than 0.51 D, and 91% for cylinder axis less than 11 degrees. Autorefraction provides acceptably accurate postoperative refraction values in anterior chamber pseudophakia.

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