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Pupil cycle time and early autonomic involvement in ocular leprosy.
  1. M A Karaçorlu,
  2. Z Sürel,
  3. T Cakiner,
  4. E Hanyaloğlu,
  5. T Saylan and
  6. C Mat
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, Cerrahpasa School of Medicine, University of Istanbul, Turkey.


    Ocular complications of leprosy patients often develop insidiously and with few if any symptoms. This study involves measurement of the pupil cycle time (PCT) to evaluate the autonomic nerve system of the iris to determine the presence of subclinical intraocular involvement. The study included 19 lepromatous (LL), 19 borderline lepromatous (BL), and five borderline tuberculoid (BT) leprosy patients and involved 25 healthy volunteers, 10 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis and eight with Duhring disease. The PCT was measured in these groups. In all leprosy groups included in the study the PCT was higher than in the control groups. Moreover, the PCT of the leprosy patients without any intraocular involvement was higher than in the controls. These results show that in the ophthalmic examination of leprosy patients without any symptoms the fact that autonomic nerve system of the eye is affected by the leprosy can often be determined by measuring the PCT.

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