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Ocular responses in healthy subjects to topical bunazosin 0.3%--an alpha 1-adrenoceptor antagonist.
  1. D. R. Trew,
  2. L. A. Wright and
  3. S. E. Smith
  1. Division of Pharmacological Sciences and Toxicology, United Medical School, London.


    The ocular effects of the alpha-adrenoceptor blocking drug bunazosin, administered as eyedrops, have been measured in a placebo-controlled double-blind single-dose study in 15 healthy volunteers. The drug significantly reduced intraocular pressure over 10 hours, and there was no associated change in pulsatile ocular blood flow. Characteristic effects of alpha-adrenoceptor blockade were observed--miosis, ptosis, and conjunctival hyperaemia. The miosis alone persisted for more than 24 hours in nine out of 15 subjects.

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