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Eyedrop instillation for reluctant children.
  1. S E Smith
  1. Department of Clinical Pharmacology, St Thomas's Hospital, London.


    Pupillary responses to pilocarpine eyedrops applied by different techniques have been studied in healthy volunteer subjects. In particular a novel method was evaluated in which eyedrops were applied to the inner canthus with eyes tightly closed and the subject supine, followed immediately by opening of the eyes. The response to this technique indicates that drug penetration into the eye was 66% (confidence intervals 28 to 104%) of that obtained by conventional instillation, into the conjunctival sac, with or without 2 min pressure on the inner canthus. This method of instillation, which is free of aggravation, may be clinically useful for patients, especially children, unwilling or unable to tolerate conventional instillation.

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