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Ocutome lensectomy: results and complications.
  1. R V Pearson,
  2. G W Aylward and
  3. R J Marsh
  1. Western Ophthalmic Hospital, London.


    We describe the results and the complications encountered in 69 lensectomies performed via a limbal approach with the Ocutome vitrectomy instrument, in which it was the intention at surgery to maintain the integrity of the posterior capsule. After operation 87% improved in visual acuity, and 68% achieved 6/12 or better. The main early complications encountered were perioperative rupture of the posterior capsule and iris damage. The main late complications were postoperative thickening of the posterior capsule, retinal detachment, and bullous keratopathy. Of the eyes in which the posterior capsule remained intact after operation 17% developed thickening of the posterior capsule to a degree that required capsulotomy over a mean follow-up period of 50 months.

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