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Association of Vistech contrast sensitivity and visual field findings in glaucoma.
  1. W E Sponsel,
  2. K L DePaul,
  3. J F Martone,
  4. M B Shields,
  5. A R Ollie and
  6. W C Stewart
  1. University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Ophthalmology.


    Single eye visual fields and contrast sensitivity were assessed in 60 subjects, who were being followed up in a glaucoma clinic for manifest glaucoma or a suspicion of glaucoma because of raised intraocular pressure. The Fieldmaster 5000 (static/kinetic perimeter) was used for the visual fields, and a Vistech wall chart sine wave grating test was used for contrast sensitivity measurements. The subjects were divided into three groups--defect (D), suspect (S) and normal (N)--on the basis of their perimetric findings by subjective grading of 16 perimetric scoring categories for each visual field. The mean Vistech sensitivity levels were not found to be significantly different between the D, S, and N field subgroups at any of the five spatial frequencies provided on the test charts (1.5, 3, 6, 12, and 18 cycles per degree). Complex algorithms combining results from two or more spatial frequencies also failed to yield any significant differences between the groups. Diagnostic sensitivity and specificities relating Vistech contrast sensitivity findings to groups N and D never concomitantly exceeded 60%.

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