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Bilateral Kimura's disease of the eyelids.
  1. S. M. Kennedy,
  2. J. F. Pitts,
  3. W. R. Lee and
  4. D. C. Gibbons
  1. Tennent Institute of Ophthalmology, Western Infirmary, Glasgow.


    A case of Kimura's disease affecting the eyelids bilaterally is reported in a 5-year-old boy of Afro-Caribbean extraction who has been followed for 12 years with repeat biopsies. He initially presented at 5 years of age with swelling of the left upper eyelid, left cervical lymphadenopathy, and eosinophilia. One year later he developed swelling of the right upper eyelid. There has been no change in the clinical appearance over the next 12 years. Repeated biopsies of the eyelids showed a diffuse inflammatory infiltrate with many eosinophils and lymphocytes. A lymph node biopsy showed reactive lymphoid hyperplasia. Immunohistochemistry using lymphoid markers showed a polyclonal pattern. Kimura's disease is a rare cause of eyelid swelling, particularly at such a young age and with bilateral involvement. This case demonstrates that bilateral orbital lymphoid lesions with cervical node involvement do not always imply lymphoma, but may have a benign pathogenesis. The unusually long follow up in this case confirms an excellent prognosis for Kimura's disease with conservative management. Accurate diagnosis in small orbital biopsies may spare the patient unnecessary radical surgery.

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