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Impression cytology of conjunctival melanosis and melanoma.
  1. A. D. Paridaens,
  2. A. C. McCartney,
  3. O. M. Curling,
  4. C. J. Lyons and
  5. J. L. Hungerford
  1. Institute of Ophthalmology, Department of Pathology, London.


    Impression cytology using cellulose acetate paper has been used in various ocular surface disorders as a simple non-invasive diagnostic test. To assess its value in differentiating melanocytic tumours, 24 patients with a range of pigmented lesions of the conjunctiva were examined using this technique. Cytological and histological diagnoses were compared in 23 cases. In 73% of cases impression cytology predicted the histological diagnosis by detection of superficial atypical melanocytes and their proportion relative to benign epithelial cells. This pilot study shows impression cytology to be a useful diagnostic aid in the differentiation of pigmented tumours of the bulbar conjunctiva.

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