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Low dose cyclosporin A versus pulsed cyclophosphamide in Behçet's syndrome: a single masked trial.
  1. Y. Ozyazgan,
  2. S. Yurdakul,
  3. H. Yazici,
  4. B. Tüzün,
  5. A. Işçimen,
  6. Y. Tüzün,
  7. T. Aktunç,
  8. H. Pazarli,
  9. V. Hamuryudan and
  10. A. Müftüoğlu
  1. Department of Medicine, Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty, University of Istanbul, Turkey.


    A single masked trial of cyclosporin A 5 mg/kg/day versus monthly 1 g intravenous boluses of cyclophosphamide was conducted among 23 patients with Behçet's syndrome and active, potentially reversible uveitis. The trial was unmasked after a mean of 12 (SD 2) months for the cyclosporin A group (n = 12) and a mean of 10 (SD 3) months for the cyclophosphamide group (n = 11). During the initial 6 months the visual acuity significantly improved (p < 0.001) in the cyclosporin A group whereas this was not observed in the cyclophosphamide group. The subsequent follow-up of patients up to 24 months suggested that the initial improvement in visual acuity with cyclosporin A was not sustained. More extensive and especially long-term studies of cyclosporin A in the uveitis of Behçet's syndrome are warranted.

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