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Calculation of the power of anterior chamber implants.
  1. J R Villada,
  2. P S Raj and
  3. T Akingbehin
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, District General Hospital, Southport.


    Ninety seven eyes with anterior chamber implants and a best corrected visual acuity of at least 6/12 were studied, firstly, to compare the predictive accuracies of the commonly used formulas for intraocular lens (IOL) power calculation and, secondly, to determine the effect of optimising the 'A' constant on the predictive accuracies of the empirical Sanders-Retzlaff-Kraff (SRK) formulas. The accuracies of the empirical formulas (SRK and SRK II) were generally similar to those of the theoretical formulas (Binkhorst II and Colenbrander-Hoffer). However the original SRK formula was more accurate than the two theoretical formulas in long eyes and in all eyes overall. Optimisation of the 'A' constants did not improve the predictive accuracy of the empirical SRK formulas.

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