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The fixed dilated pupil after cataract surgery--is it related to intraocular use of hypromellose?
  1. A K Tan and
  2. R C Humphry
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, Salisbury District Hospital.


    Hypromellose can be used as a viscoelastic substance during cataract surgery. Two groups of patients, one group operated on using hypromellose, the other using sodium hyaluronate as a viscoelastic substance were followed up 2-6 months postoperatively. A total of 16.7% of the eyes operated on using hypromellose developed a non-reactive semidilated pupil whereas none of the eyes from the control group developed this phenomenon. It was concluded that there is a probable link between the intraocular use of hypromellose and abnormal pupils after cataract surgery.

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