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Choroidoretinal neovascularisation following radon seed treatment of retinoblastoma in two patients.
  1. D B Archer,
  2. W M Amoaku and
  3. G Kelly
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, Queen's University of Belfast, Eye and Ear Clinic, Royal Victoria Hospital, Northern Ireland.


    Two patients who developed localised radiation retinopathy many years after brachytherapy for retinoblastoma are described. In both patients extracapsular cataract extraction and YAG laser capsulotomy were followed by preretinal and vitreous haemorrhage and in one patient there was deterioration of existing radiation retinopathy with macular oedema. Premacular and vitreous haemorrhage occurred from focal, preretinal neovascular membranes which appeared to originate from residual choroidal vascular radicals. Laser photocoagulation was successful in ablating preretinal neovascular membranes and limiting the extent of macular oedema from incompetent retinal capillaries adjacent to the atrophic macular scars.

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