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Retinal detachment following anterior chamber lens implantation for the correction of ultra-high myopia in phakic eyes.
  1. A J Foss,
  2. P H Rosen and
  3. R J Cooling
  1. Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.


    The development of retinal detachment is reported in three eyes, of two patients, following implantation of an anterior chamber intraocular lens (AC-IOL) in phakic eyes for the correction of ultra-high myopia. The presence of an AC-IOL may hamper the identification of retinal breaks and removal of the intraocular lens may prove necessary to improve visualisation. Shallowing of the anterior chamber may also occur during, or following, vitreoretinal surgery with risk of endothelial contact. The risks and relative contraindications of AC-IOL implantation into phakic eyes are discussed.

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