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Biometry in X linked megalocornea: pathognomonic findings.
  1. F M Meire and
  2. J W Delleman
  1. University Hospital Ghent, Department of Pediatric Ophthalmology, Belgium.


    Biometric study in a series of 11 affected males provides characteristic findings. The patients present with a large cornea with short radius, very deep anterior chamber depth (AC depth) exceeding the normal mean value of plus 2 SD, and a short vitreous length. Calculation of the postlimbal depth, a method applied in this study to obtain information about positioning of the iris and the lens, reveals a posterior positioning of the iris and lens. The posterior positioning of the iris and lens was proved to occur at the expense of the vitreous. The importance of biometric data for diagnosis and for differential diagnosis in primary infantile glaucoma and other diseases with megalocornea is discussed.

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