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First experience with a new echographic contrast agent.
  1. G Cennamo,
  2. N Rosa,
  3. G F Vallone and
  4. F Smaltino
  1. Istituto di Oftalmologia, Università Federico II Napoli, Italy.


    The intravenous injection of an ultrasound contrast agent can enhance signals from blood flow. Broad toxicological and pharmaceutical studies in animals confirmed the safety and efficacy of an ultrasound contrast agent made of microparticles of galactose with stabilised microbubbles in watery suspension (SH U 508 A). In this paper 10 patients with different malignant orbital and ocular tumours have been evaluated with an echo colour Doppler machine before and after the injection of SH U 508 A. An enhancement of the Doppler signals in the lesions in different degrees has been detected. This echographic contrast agent seems to be very important not only in the evaluation of vascular lesions, but also in evaluating the effectiveness of radiotherapy in malignant tumours and could spread the echographic indications in several other ophthalmic fields.

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