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Fibrous dysplasia of the orbit.
  1. K Bibby and
  2. R McFadzean
  1. Leicester Royal Infirmary.


    Twelve patients with fibrous dysplasia of the orbit are reviewed and the ophthalmic findings described. Three case histories are presented in detail. Six patients were managed conservatively; four have shown radiological progression of the disease. Six patients underwent surgery. A conservative procedure, comprising debulking dysplastic bone, was carried out in four--all required further surgery including radical excision in two patients. Two subjects had primary radical operations. No recurrence was encountered in the four patients who had undergone radical surgery. It would appear that fibrous dysplasia is not a disease confined to adolescence but may continue into adulthood, and even middle age. Patients may never require surgery, but require follow up for late progression. If surgical intervention is deemed necessary, an attempt should be made to excise all dysplastic bone, since progression of the disease after conservative surgery is relatively common.

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