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Surgical correction of ptosis in ocular fibrosis syndrome.
  1. C Liu,
  2. R Ohri,
  3. G Frongia and
  4. R Collin
  1. Lid Clinic, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.


    The surgical management of ptosis is reported in seven patients suffering from the ocular fibrosis syndrome. Satisfactory results were obtained with bilateral Crawford type brow suspension with autologous fascia lata in six patients and bilateral Fox type brow suspension with stored fascia lata in a young child. As patients with ocular fibrosis syndrome usually exhibit little or no Bell's phenomenon, corneal exposure can become a problem after brow suspension. It was recommended that the lids are left just closed on the operating table at the end of the operation. None of the patients required a subsequent procedure to lower an overcorrection of the ptosis. The routine prescription of ocular lubricants for 2 months after ptosis correction is advocated. Urgent brow suspension in young children using non-autologous materials should only be considered if there is a risk of amblyopia.

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